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... embracing The Law of Attraction for business ...

Don't box yourself in - How much is really out there? Mark Foster, Visionary Speaker & Personal Evolvement Coach

Don't box yourself in -
how much is really out there?

"I am thrilled to be connected with and supporting Spiritus."

"Its ethos of embracing The Law of Attraction for business is a bold and exciting venture and totally in line with my thoughts and feelings."

Mark Foster
Visionary Speaker & Personal Evolvement Coach


Shelagh Jones, founder of Spiritus - The Spiritual Marketing DirectoryDear Fellow Business Owner

I am so excited to be talking to you today and to be sharing with you Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory.

Like the best ideas, it came about because of what I realised was missing - maybe some of these "missings" will resonate with you too.

Promote your business

First, being involved in internet marketing myself, I was a member of several social networking sites, where the prime intention was to build relationship with other people.




Steve Beaumont - Co-Director of the award winning Rare Creative Group... it is a calm place to be, we are available to each other and in support of each other ...

"The reason why I am enrolled into the purpose of Spiritus is that, in today's busy world, not all of us have the time or the inclination to spend hours of our time on the popular or business-typical social networking sites. For me, Spiritus fills the gap. I am with a community that I have affinity with, a group of people who have authentic communications on a social networkers' site that sits comfortably with me. I am with people I respect, enjoy being around in cyber space, and am available to anyone for any reason. I believe that this type of site is a connection point of humanity and of the future, it is a calm place to be, we are available to each other and in support of each other."

Steve Beaumont
New Business Manager

Rare Creative Group

But behind this intention was another intention, the intention to attract people to my business. And sometimes this secondary intention got in the way of the first intention, and I began to think to myself - What if there was a business directory where people could openly and cleanly promote their business to like-minded people?

Law of Attraction – like is attracted to like

A second place was from my work with small businesses, helping them to build their list of customers.

A common cry was - I wish I could find more customers who are just like me. People who have the same values, who think like me about how to live a life, how to run a business, how to have business interactions work out to the best advantage of all involved.

And often I would introduce suppliers to customers and see a business relationship flourish because of the shared values of the people involved.

Sue Healy Therapy & Teaching... a whole new vibration to business on-line ...

"I love the way Spiritus is set up. The whole ethos is apparent as soon as you see the form to complete for your entry. This is bringing a whole new vibration to business on-line and it's wonderful. I'm so happy to be represented in this way. It's uplifting as well as completely comfortable."

"That's a new feeling."     Sue Healy - Therapist & Teacher - SueHealy.com

Market from Spirit

A third place was meeting people who were operating in industries which have a poor reputation for customer service - but who were choosing to do things differently, to do what felt and good to them, not what everyone else was doing.

Nut Butterfly - Creator of Orgasmic Living... the power to easily create mutually beneficial relationships ...

"What I love most about Spiritus is that it's much more than a simple directory. Spiritus gives spiritually creative patrons and providers the rare opportunity to immediately engage one another based on shared values and vision. This has the power to easily create mutually beneficial relationships. I see Spiritus as the place where visionaries worldwide come to grow and broadcast their dreams!"

Orgasmically Yours,

Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly

Creator of both OrgasmicLiving.com and theTempleOfWombn.com

I thought - what if there was a place where people looking for a company in that industry could find out about the values of businesses, about what motivated them, before starting a business relationship with them?

Out of these three ideas, Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory was born.

So what will you get as an advertiser in Spiritus - the Spiritual Marketing Directory?

  • An "Attraction in Action" page - write the words that describe you, your business philosophy, and what you do.
  • Search Engine Optimisation of your Attraction in Action page –helps the Search Engines to find you.
  • Referral programme designed to give you your membership free in return for helping to build Spiritus.
  • Opportunity to win the Helping Hand Fund* each month.
  • Benefit from Social Networking and other promotional activities carried out by Spiritus to build awareness in the general public of the Directory.
  • Free access to the Spiritus business forum to network with other advertisers in the Directory.
  • Business training teleclasses and resources.

Stephanie Wood - ICF Certified Coach, PCC... people that support me on all levels ...

"Spiritus has given me a 'home' and a 'community' with like minded people that supports me on all levels."

"My intention for Spiritus is to continuously gather diverse peoples who share their talents in this International community to support each other with inspiration."

Stephanie Wood

ICF Certified Coach, PCC and founder of DanceFitnessPlus.com

Stephanie referred the most new businesses to Spiritus in October, and asked that the Helping Hand Fund be donated to "The March of Dimes"

Patricia Honiotes - Founder of Healing Energies... Spiritus provides opportunities ...

"Within the expanding world of the ethical business & cultural sectors nationally & internationally, Spiritus provides opportunities for souls who have a passion for the development and growth of the broadcast and digital media in this area."

"That essentially is why we are delighted to support the project and look forward to its continued growth and prosperity in the 21st century.."

Alex Lewczuk

Managing Editor of
Southside Broadcasting.

*What’s the Helping Hand Fund?

  • We want Spiritus to grow by referrals from other businesses, so instead of paying referral fees to businesses who refer other businesses to Spiritus – the Spiritual Marketing Directory, we have decided to place ten per cent of the income of the Directory (after Sales taxes have been paid) into the Helping Hand Fund.
  • The money from this Fund is distributed each month to an organisation chosen by the business which has referred the most new businesses to the Directory in the previous month.

What can advertising in Spiritus do for you?

Let's take a closer look at what advertising your business in Spiritus can do for you.

A more targeted audience than in a general Business Directory

Simon Zipperlen (that's the big one)- A director of Estona Internet Marketing Ltd"I've supported Spiritus since the start because I see great potential for Business-to-Business networking via the members-only discussion forums. Members can team up to provide integrated services and offers for a combined marketing power that they would not be able to deliver alone."

"The site provides new businesses with an immediate web presence delivered to an expanding community of a more targeted market than is achieved through more general and less personal directories."

Simon Zipperlen

Technical Director of Estona Internet Marketing Ltd.

A place that connects you with like-minded business owners –around the world

Patricia Honiotes - Founder of Healing Energies"I support Spiritus and refer friends and clients to Spiritus on a regular basis. I very much like and appreciate the integrity of the website, its founder and its policies. I have always received prompt, friendly and helpful support when I have requested help or clarity."

"I appreciate the like-minded community of Spiritus and the opportunity to do business with this community. Spiritus enables me to take my business 'around the world' in an economically feasible way while insuring that I am sharing with those who are looking for what I offer."

Patricia Honiotes

Founder of Healing Energies.

So what does all this cost?

  • Advertising your business in a Business Directory can be very expensive - up to hundreds of dollars
  • And paying to have your site linked to an authority site can be just as expensive
  • Advertising your business in Spiritus – the Spiritual Marketing Directory costs just £5 (British pounds 'cos that's where I live!) per month
  • And for those of you elsewhere, that's $10 a (US dollars) month
  • That is the cost for each business you list – you can list as many as you want

Debbie Figg - creator of Quick N Easy Sales Pro... very pleased with the jump in traffic ...

"I've used Spiritus to promote two of my products now: QuicknEasySalesPro.com - the quick and easy way to automate your whole sales process and mine and my sister's Christmas gifts site: BestChristmasBargainGifts and was very pleased with the jump in traffic to both sites I got as a result."

Debbie Figg

Director of Quick N Easy Sales Pro.

What more do I get?

Attracting people into your business is so much more fun than 'selling' to them

Julieanne & John van Zyl - founders of Internet Network Marketing Training"The Spiritus community fits in perfectly with the way we use and teach Law of Attraction in our Network Marketing steps for the Internet."

"In the Spiritus community, people are attracted to each other because they are of like mind! Attracting people into a business is so much more fun than "selling" to people, and this is exactly what Spiritus is all about."

Julieanne & John van Zyl

Founders of Internet Network Marketing Training.

  • Free participation in the Business-to-Business Forums
  • Free inclusion of your new Events or Offers in the weekly Newsletter sent to all members of Spiritus and to all non-members who request it
  • Free re-Tweeting of your Tweets to SpiritusShelagh
  • Free promotion of your very best offers to fellow members
  • Free access to interactive Business Information calls
  • Free access to the archive of Business Information calls
  • Free access to the Business Forum where you can request or offer information of any aspect of your business from fellow members
  • Plus if you refer one or more new members to Spiritus in one month, your following month membership is FREE so you can have free membership forever by referring just one new member every month
  • Free entry into the competition to allocate the monthly Helping Hand fund which is won by the person referring the most new members to Spiritus in a month
  • Payments are made by PayPal subscription, so your payments are made automatically each month but you can cancel at any time through your Paypal account. You do not need a PayPal account to signup - if you don't have one this is set up for free as part of the registration process

What Do You Need To Do Next?

It's very simple.

Click here to start listing your business in Spiritus – the Spiritual Marketing Directory, and begin to attract the customers you really want!

Remember the cost is just $10 (USD) (or £5 if you live in the UK) a month - you get world-wide exposure for less than the cost of a lineage ad in your local newspaper!

I look forward to meeting you in the Forums!

Shelagh Jones
Founder: Spiritus – the Spiritual Marketing Directory

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